Ushers:   Bill and Cathy Ormsbee, Jordan Abbott, Martha Goins

Acolytes:   Emmy and Hayden Sublette

Sound Team:   TBD

Liturgist:   Don Eilbott

Children’s Sermon:   Jared and Anne Brown

Psalm Reader:   Sylvia Griffin

Worship Care:   Grace and Anna Griffin

Elder of the Month:   Susie Haynes

Wed. 7/12

7:00 pm   Sanctuary Choir rehearsal in the Choir Room

Sun. 7/16

9:15 am   Children’s Art:  Let Jesus Drive Your Life

9:15 am   Youth:  Donuts & Jesus

9:15 am   FRED Talks:  “Having the Mind of Christ – Using Neuroscience for Greater Peace, Joy and Love” led by Rev. Mark Clark

10:00 am   Sanctuary Choir rehearsal in the Choir Room

10:30 am   Celebration of Worship – Rev. Mark Clark preaching

4:30 pm   NO ADMINISTRATION MEETING – moved to July 23

5:30 pm   NO SESSION MEETING – moved to July 23

5:30 pm   Youth Group in the Youth Room

Mon. 7/17

11:30 am   Trinity’s service day at The Stewpot

Tue. 7/18

9:30 am   Worship staff meeting

10:00 am   Staff meeting

5:45 pm   Education Division meeting at Izzy’s Restaurant

Wed. 7/19

7:00 pm   Sanctuary Choir rehearsal in the Choir Room

REV. JEFF PRICE AND FAMILY will be on vacation through July 17.  If you have questions or concerns during this time, please contact Julie Peak in the church office at 868-5848 or TrinityPresLR@gmail.com.  We welcome Rev. Mark Clark back to Trinity’s pulpit on July 16.  Mark will also lead our FRED Talks series at 9:15am in the Fellowship Hall on Sunday.  See the FRED Talks announcement below for topic information.

CHURCH SECRETARY Julie Peak will be out of the office July 17-24.  Building access may be limited during this time.  If you do not have a key, be sure to call ahead (868-5848) to make arrangements with Jeff Price for building access.

SUNDAY FUN DAY FOR CHILDREN:  Each Sunday morning from 9:15 until 10:15 while the adults are in their FRED Talks, all children 3 years through rising 5th grade will meet in Room 5 for “Children’s Art Fun” with Nette Curtis and friends.  Parents, send your children dressed for some seriously fun art play each week centered around a different Bible story.

7/16    Wood/felt stop signs:  Let Jesus drive your life

7/23    Foil play:  Putting on the armor of God

7/30    Matchstick art:  Look to the Cross

Each week the children will begin their time with light refreshments in Room 5.  Direct questions to Nette Curtis at 658-3936.

YOUTH GROUP IN THE MORNING?!  Yes, you heard right, the youth are also having Youth Group in the morning this summer!  Each Sunday Fun Day, the youth will meet in the Youth Room for “Donuts & Jesus” from 9:15 until 10:15.  Youth, invite your friends to take part in the games, activities and discussions each Sunday morning!  Direct questions to Jared Brown at 870-299-0989.

FRED TALKS (Faith, Religion, Education, Discussion) is an exciting new opportunity for adults this summer at Trinity!  All adults will meet in the Fellowship Hall over coffee, breakfast foods, and conversation.  Each week stands alone, and each week features a different speaker.

7/16    Rev. Mark Clark     Having the Mind of Christ: Using Neuroscience for Greater Peace, Joy and Love

On Sunday morning, July 16th, as part of our FRED Talk series, the Rev. Mark Clark will present, Having the Mind of Christ: Using Neuroscience for Greater Peace, Joy & Love. Over the past 15-20 years, great strides have been made in understanding how the human brain works, and among the discoveries is that through practice and repetition, the brain can be rewired to alter one’s life view, calming the mind from incessant thought and bringing a more positive and joyous frame of mind into the day-to-day world. Join Mark at 9:15 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall to learn more.

7/23    Rev. Jeff Price       The Pursuit of Happiness

Nobody is happy all the time. We all struggle to find happiness, but too often the paths we pursue lead us further from happiness. What makes you happy? On July 23, Pastor Jeff Price will combine theology and psychology to help us develop a road map for our journey.  Come join the discussion as he shares five things that can become a roadblock to happiness and five things that make happiness easier to discover.

7/30    Donna Mahurin      The Ministry of Vera Lloyd Presbyterian Home & Family Services

On Sunday, July 30, join Donna Mahurin, CEO of Vera Lloyd Presbyterian Family Services for a FRED Talk on The Ministry of Vera Lloyd and Mission Monticello. Come and learn how the hearts of a group of women over 100 years ago have changed the lives of thousands of boys and girls from all over Arkansas.  Learn too about the work of the Mission Monticello group and about ways you can become a part of this wonderful ministry.

Faith and fun can mix!  Each week will be enjoyable but also leave you with something to ponder.  Direct questions to Julie Price at 626-6477.

CLASSROOM CLEANUP WORKDAY ON JULY 26:  A work morning is planned for Wednesday, July 26 starting at 9:00am and WE NEED YOUR HELP!  After a year’s worth of programming and use, our church spaces really need some cleaning, reorganizing and fixing up so we’ll be ready to kick off another year.  We’ll be going through classroom cabinets and drawers throwing old stuff away, scraping and wiping down tabletops and counters, reorganizing closets, decorating bulletin boards – well, you get the picture.  Put on your work clothes, grab any supplies/tools you think you might need and come help!  Questions?  Ask Julie Price at 501-626-6477 or julietannerprice@gmail.com.

MISSION MONTICELLO 3 JULY 27-29:  Mission Monticello 3 is fast approaching!  We need singles, couples and families to join the Trinity Missionaries in working at the Vera Lloyd campus in Monticello, AR.  There will be work for any skill level – no matter who you are, you have something to contribute.  Sign up this Sunday on the poster in the Narthex or email TrinityPresLR@gmail.com to be counted on for Mission Monticello 3.  Informational brochures are available in the Narthex.

SCHOOL SUPPLIES NEEDED FOR VERA LLOYD YOUTH:  It’s back to school time, and just like you, Vera Lloyd Presbyterian Family Services is already preparing for a new school year.  Our assistance will make sure children and youth at Vera Lloyd are ready for school with appropriate supplies.  While you are shopping, please pick up a few of these supplies and bring them to church with you.  We will have a collection area in the Narthex from Sunday, July 9 through Sunday, August 6.  Don't delay!  And thank you for your consideration and support.  Questions?  Contact Wanda Hartnuss at 501-515-3307.  Supplies needed by August 6 are:

·       Walmart gift cards for items like scientific calculators

·       Pens and #2 pencils

·       Staplers and staples

·       Boxed facial tissue

·       Poster board

·       Art supplies, including colored pencils, markers, glitter, paint, stickers, colored cardstock paper, construction paper

·       Wide-ruled notebook loose-leaf paper

·       Folders with brads and pockets

·       Composition notebooks (no wire-bound spiral notebooks)

·       3-ring binders:  ½ inch and 1 inch

·       Highlighters

·       Hand-held or electric pencil sharpeners

·       Small pencil/supply boxes or zippered pouch type that fits in binders

·       Fabric backpacks, unisex, no rollers

·       Hand sanitizer

TRINITY’S SUMMER BOOK CLUB:  Join Trinity members and friends in reading this summer’s pick for the Trinity Book Club, When Your Life is on Fire, What Would You Save? by Erik Kolbell.  A number of copies are available in a basket in the Narthex for anyone to borrow, read, and then return for someone else to read.  You are invited to make comments on Trinity’s Facebook page if you wish.  On Sunday, August 27 at 6:00pm, and Tuesday, August 29 at 6:00pm, readers are invited to come to Trinity to take part in a discussion of the book which will wrap up our summer book club adventure.  Direct questions to Julie Price at 626-6477.

WORSHIP FLOWERS AVAILABLE THROUGH TIPTON & HURST:  For your convenience, Trinity has retained Tipton & Hurst Florist in the Heights (501-666-3333) to place floral arrangements in our Sanctuary when ordered by Trinity’s members.  For $44.00, Tipton & Hurst will create arrangements of gladiolas, carnations, poms and other hardy flowers and deliver them to the sanctuary on Saturday afternoon prior to Sunday worship.  Special requests can be done for an additional charge.  To provide flowers for Sunday worship, first select a date and sign your name on the Flower Calendar found on the bulletin board in the Narthex hallway.  If you wish to order from Tipton & Hurst, call Judy Hampton at 666-3333 no later than Wednesday before your selected Sunday.  Notify Julie Peak, our church secretary, no later than Wednesday afternoon if you want a special dedication printed in the bulletin.  You are welcome to use another florist, but you must make your own arrangements to receive delivery of the flowers.  Questions?  Please speak to Julie Peak at 868-5848.

We are happy to include your announcements related to the life of the church in the Sunday bulletin or the weekly email update.  Please email your announcement of no more than 150 words to TrinityPresLR@gmail.com by 5:00pm Tuesday for inclusion in the email update and bulletin.